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Top 5 Interactive Fountain Show Controllers

The most important aspect behind any interactive fountain is the show controller. Check out this list of Delta Fountains’ top 5 recommendations for show controllers, and find out which one is right for your project.


  1. Delta’s Small Show Controller

Don’t let the name fool you. This compact show controller is capable of storing up to eight shows using up to 340 unique DMX LED light addresses on a single SD card. With an easy to use control interface, there is no need for advanced technical programming experience. If you want to incorporate an extra feature to this show controller, an optional AuxBox expansions allows for motion-controlled sensors to trigger any of the preloaded shows.


  1. Delta’s Budget Friendly “Everything” Controller

Aside from being the most budget friendly of the DMX light, music, and motion controllers, this bad boy is also one of the most user-friendly controllers. Able to work on both Windows and MAC operating systems, programmers can first use either a mouse or joystick to record precise commands before ditching the computer and mounting it via a DIN rail. Once programmed, this controller can hold more than 250 individual shows. Solid state relays and digital to analog converters can be used if necessary.


  1. Delta’s “Multi-zoned Light Show” Controller

This two-part controller is perfect for anyone looking for few more features out of their fountain show. With remote capability and a real-time internal clock, this device can operate DMX RGB LED lighting effects for virtually any amount of shows (when multiple units are used together over Ethernet). Although it does not have any musical syncing capabilities, this controller has the ability to wow any audience.


  1. Premier All-In-One System Controller

You can believe the name for this one. This is our most popular show controller (for good reason). With embedded controllers and open platform control software, this device has the largest on board memory of any of the popular show controllers. The Premier also allows users to synchronize lights, audio, and video with a drag and drop interface that can record actions with up to 100th of a second. Need more reason to drool over this controller? The Premier All-In-One Controller can be remotely controlled via the device or Xbox Kinect.


  1. The Full Monty (Peek Show Included)

For all our fellow print-preview abusing, perfectionists – we have a show controller for you too. The “Full Monty” is a unique show controller for lights, audio, and motion control with a bonus 3D model simulation preview. This allows the programmer to see exactly what the entire show will look like without spilling a drop of water. This controller does require more technical experience in order to program it, but it also delivers the most accurate system integration available.



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