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  • April 22, 2014

Advancements in Interactive Fountain Technology

Advancements in interactive fountain technology main street square

Advancements made in the past 20 years in technology have turned interactive fountains into more of an asset than an expense to a community. Every component inside, from the ability to engage the public to innovations in lighting and filters, has really allowed interactive fountains to become a breath of life to a community.

The improvements in and affordability of show controls and the music, nozzles and lights that they choreograph, are the most prominent advancements to date. LED lighting with RGB technology allows for the ability to provide millions of colors from each fixture, and was a far-off dream of industry leaders only 10 years ago. These innovations save about 70% of what the formerly popular incandescent lights cost (for only around six possible color differences at the time). Larger, industrial show controllers, which manage the lights, are just a fraction of the cost of units used only a few years ago.

Moving below the surface, high-tech filter media and UV sterilizers have also changed the playing field from their less-regulated predecessors. For the past two decades, Departments of Health and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) regulations are responsible for incorporating advanced filter media to allow for greater flow rates per square foot at much finer particulate matter removal rates. This, coupled with the public’s heightened awareness of health and safety, has lead to interactive fountains being a safer, healthier and less costly investment for a community than a public pool.

Arguably, the most beneficial addition to interactive fountain technology (with regard to the community) is the ability to synchronize mobile applications (apps) to the fountain controllers. Today’s fountains aren’t just for the young and young at heart looking to splash around. Mobile apps have provided the ability to virtually allow anyone to manipulate, get educated about and interact with fountains. Visitors wishing to stay dry are still stopping at these features to select songs, change light colors, water heights, and more. The apps and new functionality options for interactive fountains, which are keeping visitors around the fountain longer, are partially responsible for increases in money spent at the shopping areas surrounding them. The fountain’s ability to generate more revenue and activity into an area helps pay for the feature and build up the community it serves.


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