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Design Development

Water Feature Design Development & Coordination

The approved Schematic Design Plan will serve as the basis for the Design Development (DD) phase.  Enlarged plans, details, and sections at a scale appropriate for further development of the ideas will be  produced. During this phase, initial coordination with structural and MEP consultants and ongoing coordination and development of system costs and lighting design will continue. In addition, a focus on layout, equipment selections, details and preliminary specifications will be generated. Budgets are constantly monitored and Delta Fountains will stay focused with all allied disciplines, to ensure overall conformity to these budgets. Local trades will be engaged to help estimate the construction costs. Deliverables will be drawings on the project title block for inclusion in the 100% DD set and a preliminary CSI formatted specification.  All deliverables will be computer generated and electronically submitted in PDF format.  One minor design change is included in this phase.

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