AIA Accredited Course for Architects

Delta Fountains' presentation on the 9/11 Memorial waterfalls is an AIA accredited course. You may request a presentation at your firm.

AIA Course Offered

Course name:

National September 11th Memorial Waterfalls Design, Engineering and Construction Case Study

Course Credits Earned:


Course Description:

This project incorporates waterfalls and water walls of tremendous scale. We utilized the most current technology available for fountain operation and data acquisition. The construction of these waterfalls and the different trades that had to be coordinated, as well as intricate weir design, parapet changes and more, are discussed in detail.

Course Outcomes:

Participants will be given a behind the scenes tour of the world’s most costly water features and will understand many of the challenges facing unique displays. The details provided will make the participant much more aware of the steps that need to be taken in schematic, design development and construction documentation, which will allow them to provide their clients more accurate fee proposals for these types of systems. The importance of mock-ups is discussed in detail, with images of actual mock ups and the changes they went through, in order to be able to move forward with construction. The participant will be more in tune with the need to discuss this necessary component with the client, when deciding on whether or not to incorporate a fountain into the design.

Many examples of custom fabrications are shown to the participants, along with their unique applications. The purpose is to let them see not only how intricate some features can become, but that products can be made to accomplish unusual fountains, where no off the shelf items can be found to do so. The participants in this course will get several examples of the calculations we use for selecting pumps, nozzles and pipe sizes, for certain systems. The goal is for the participant to understand the engineering process, as relates to nozzle and pump selection, making them more aware and engaged, during actual fountain design. In addition, we want the participant to be able to use this knowledge to incorporate appropriately sized fountains, during the concept phase, without the help of a consultant. They should have enough information to keep from over-designing, for a given budget.