Fountain Construction Documentation & Administration

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Construction Documentation & Administration

Construction Documentation

Approved Design Development drawings will serve as the basis for the Construction Documentation (CD) phase of work.  Design modifications resulting from design review will be incorporated during this phase.  Plans, details, cross sections, and piping and electrical conduit layout will be coordinated with the appropriate consultants.  Control panel layout, ladder logic, wiring diagrams, and a Bill of Materials will be developed.  A final system cost will be completed at the 50% stage. Any changes agreed upon in the design development stage will be incorporated into the construction drawings and final specifications.

Delta Fountains will ensure quick response to all requests for information, reprographics, meetings and teleconferences while coordinating with every agency to ensure compliance with all ordinances. Specifications and plans will be explicit, but not proprietary. We will promote competitive bids, but adhere to the strictest quality standards. Deliverables will be Drawings on the project title block and project formatted specifications for inclusion in the 50% and 100% CD sets.  All deliverables will be computer generated and electronically submitted in PDF format.  One minor design change is included in this phase.

Construction Administration

Owners Training For Fountain | Delta FountainsDuring the construction of water features, Delta Fountains will provide shop drawings review and approvals, assist in the pay application, and address all field information requests whether it is accomplished through written responses, sketches and or field visits necessary to ensure the proper installation.

We’ll provide the specific design guidelines and comprehensive operations and maintenance procedures. This phase of the project would also include Delta Fountains involvement with the owner’s maintenance staff, to train and follow up on all operating systems and the development of seasonal historical data for future employees to benefit.

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