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  • January 7, 2015

What we’re creating instead of resolutions for 2015

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that brings big dreams to the world. Somewhere between the ball dropping and the morning after realization that you can no longer “celebrate” like you used to, creeps in the idea that you should make some changes to your life. (And “celebrate” a little less next year, maybe.) Happy New Year! Now go out and make things happen.

While we are in no way immune to the feeling of needing new goals each year, we are hesitant to make any with the odds so out of our favor. According to, 49% of those that make resolutions have “infrequent success” (i.e., they fail).

So this year, we aren’t making any resolutions. Instead, we’re making an announcement of what we’re going to create this year.

We’re going to create (in 2015):

  1. Stronger relationships with our clients
  2. An intense focus and use of new technology
  3. More outstanding water features

But of course, words are nothing without actions. So we’re going to start creating right now and you can check out our progress via our future blogs and social updates.


What are you going to create this year?



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