Tarkington Park Fountain

The interactive fountain in Tarkington Park features a combination of smooth bore jets, mist, and RGB LED lights to create a dynamic show.

Tarkington Park Interactive Fountain

Custom RGB LED Ring Lights

Delta Fountains used a custom RGB LED ring light with a smooth bore nozzle to create the jets.

RGB LED Ring Light Nozzle Interactive Fountains

Interactive Fountain Lights

The ring of RGB LED lights around the hidden nozzle allow the water to light up fully.

Interactive Fountain Lights RGB LED

Mist and Jet Fountain Design

The designed called for mist and jets to create a dynamic water spray effect for the park visitors.

Interactive Jet Fountain Mist Spray

Mist Nozzle Design

The mist nozzles were installed via a custom stainless steel nozzle sump/well. Delta Fountains created it to sit flush with a fountain deck.

Mist Spray Fountain

Vault Hatches to Match Fountain Floor Design

Pavers and Fountain Dry Deck

Tarkington Park

Indianapolis, IN

Tarkington Park lies in the heart of Indianapolis, IN. The 11-acre park  underwent an $5 million makeover to transform it into a is a  mixed-use greenspace. The city wanted a place for citizens and families could enjoy. The redevelopment included a cafe, several play areas for kids and a large interactive jet and mist fountain.

Tarkington Park Fountain Design

The fountain was designed by Rundell Ernstberger Associates (REA). The idea was to include a safe, multi-effect interactive water experience for park visitors. Delta Fountains was the manufacturer and MEP designer for the fountain.

To create a dynamic water effect, Delta Fountains and REA designers used 40 smooth bore jets and 26 mist nozzles. The jets were hidden inside sumps with custom RGB LED ring lights that surround each of the nozzles. The ring lights allow the jets to fully change colors. Delta programmed several musical light shows that are played nightly.


Tarkington Park Fountain At Night


Tarkington Park Mist Nozzle

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