Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly


The Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly is a custom fabricated stainless steel pod that allows for implementation of multiple Smooth Bore Nozzles or Aerating Foam Jet Nozzles in one assembly. The water display created depends on the nozzle used. A pod may be assembled as a floating fountain fixture or placed inside a nozzle well; however, it is always water level independent. For more information about this assembly, contact us today.

Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly & Components

Delta Fountains Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly Pod Jet Nozzle-Mounting Component Stainless Steel Pod Jet Assembly Cover Delta Fountains Stainless Steel Pod Jet Component Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly Powder-Coated

Pod Jet Assembly in Nozzle Well

 Pod Jet Assembly in Nozzle Well Pod Jet Nozzle Assembly on Float 

Pod Jet Floating Fountain

Pod Jet Floating Fountain

Technical Data Sheets

1/4″ Smooth Bore CAD

5/16″ Smooth Bore CAD

3/8″ Smooth Bore CAD

1/2″ Smooth Bore CAD

5/8″ Smooth Bore CAD

3/4″ Smooth Bore CAD

Foam Jet CAD

Bronze Smooth Bore CAD

1/4″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

5/16″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

3/8″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

1/2″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

5/8″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

3/4″ Smooth Bore Cut Sheet PDF

Foam Jet Cut Sheet PDF

Bronze Smooth Bore PDF

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