Fountain Cartridge Filter


A Cartridge Filter is a fiberglass reinforced filter used to catch harmful particles in fountain water. Our fiberglass cartridge filters are NSF listed cor commercial applications and come standard with easy spin-on unions for plumbing hook-ups. Most cartridge filters from Delta will come pre-plumbed or as per the drawing specifications.

Why use Cartridge Filters for Commercial Fountains & Water Features?

Cartridge Filters have become popular with customers due to their easy access to removable, washable media. Fountain cartridge filters are capable of catching particles as small as 12-15 microns, making them our most recommended filters to use in both large and small-scale fountains. They allow water quality levels to meet strict turbidity standards set by most Departments of Health in most cases. (We always recommend that you check with your state’s DOH for more information about water quality requirements in your area.)

Delta Fountains uses a few select styles of these filters depending on several criteria. For more information about water quality, and the effectiveness of cartridge filters for public use water features, read our “All About Turbidity” article. For more information about which style of filter is best for your water feature, contact us today.

Fountain Cartridge Filter Variations

Delta Fountains Cartridge Filters Cartridge Filter 

Plumbed Cartridge Filters in Fountain Vault

Cartridge Filter Inside Vault

Cartridge Filter Element

Fountain Cartridge Filter Element


Technical Data Sheets and Articles:

Cartridge Filter CAD

Cartridge Filter Cut Sheet PDF

All About Turbidity

How & When To Change Fountain Filter Media

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