Sand Filter with Automatic Backwash Linkage

This Sand Filter with Automatic Backwash Linkage has a minimum of 3.14 square feet of filter surface area and stainless steel linkage valve system with pressure differential switch for backwash activation, pre-plumbed on tank. The sand filter tank is a heavy duty one piece re-enforced fiberglass constructed with UV resistant outer coating surface finish. Sand filters uses easy access, heavy duty closures with integral pressure gauge with air-relief valve and swing away diffuser for easy access to sand and internal parts. All internal parts are threaded for ease of service, maximum operating pressure – 50 p.s.i.

The automatic backwash linkage system shall consist of one 3-port bronze body ball valve with electronic actuator, one cast bronze 3-port ball valve and sch. 80 P.V.C. Piping  with flanged, clear acrylic sight glass.  The valves are connected by type 304 stainless steel single lever linkage with double operator arms and stainless steel jam nuts and couplings to facilitate manual adjustment of the linkage assembly. The electronic actuator shall be powered by 120V relay outputs from either the P.L.C. (if provided) or relays in the control panel. The backwash initiation shall be configurable for either a set time for backwashing or by use of a pressure differential switch measuring pressure differential from the influent and effluent sensors located on the face piping manifold of the filter.  A visual alarm light or dedicated screen on the H.M.I. will be incorporated in the main control panel to alert when the system is in the backwash cycle.

Controls for the automatic backwash will switch the position of the 3-port valve when the pressure transmitters read the set pressure differential level.  Once the 3-port valve state is switched, the controls will run through a timer controlled backwash cycle.  Once the time set of the cycle is complete, the controls will switch the 3-port valve back returning to normal filtration cycle.

Delta Fountains Sand Filters

Unless ordering this product individually, all Delta Fountains sand filters are pre-plumbed in our equipment vaults and filter media is to be provided by contractor. Sand filters are able to catch particles as small as about 22 to 25 microns, which makes them suitable for most fountain applications. Each state’s Departments of Health has its own requirements for water features where the water may come in contact with the public, so it’s important to discuss your filter choice with your DOH or one of our representatives prior to purchase. Sand filters come in several different variations, such as this one with manual backwash valves, our sand filter with automatic backwash valves, and our sand filter with automatic backwash linkage. For help choosing the correct sand filter for your project, contact our design department today. 

Sand Filter with Auto Backwash Linkage Assemblies

Sand Filter with Auto BackwashSand Filter with Auto Backwash LinkageSand Filter with Automatic Backwash Linkage Automatic Backwash Sand Filter Pump Assembly Delta Fountains Sand Filter Automatic Backwash


Why choose a sand filter for your fountain?

To find out more about which filter is the best choice your water features, read our article “All About Turbidity” here.


Technical Data Sheets

Sand Filter withAutomatic Backwash Linkage CAD

DFSFabwLHC Exploded Diagram PDF

Sand Filter with Auto Backwash Brochure

DFSFabwparts Cut Sheet PDF

DFSFabwRHC Exploded Diagram PDF

DFSFabwV Cut Sheet PDF

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