National Sept. 11 Memorial
New York, NY
Project Details
Inventing Solutions. The enormous size of all aspects of the September 11 Memorial created enormous challenges. To move 60,000 gallons of water and maintain a consistent one-half-inch flow over broad expanses, Delta Fountains designed and created never-before-used materials and engineered never-before-imagined solutions to complete the magnificent memorial.
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
Project Details
Mirror Images. When the design specifies mirror-like reflection, a challenge is created: How to move water fast enough for aeration, yet slow enough to look like it’s not moving at all. Delta Fountains designed the needed systems; electrical, mechanical, filtration and water quality—to create what looked like a motionless sheet of water.
Friendship Fountain
Jacksonville, FL
Project Details
Restored Beauty. After 35 years of service as a beloved city attraction, Friendship Fountain was corroded, deteriorating and squandering electricity. With an infusion of modern technology, Delta Fountains restored the feature’s beauty with dramatic lighting, music and motion, trimming 130,000 watts of energy from the electric bill.
Hearst Tower "Ice Falls"
New York, NY
Project Details
Cascading Water. Capturing, storing, treating and then moving rainwater over a 20-foot descent of sculptured art was the design challenge at Hearst Tower. Delta Fountains responded with variable-speed motors, proportioning valves, multiple-pump systems and water treatment equipment, to create an elegant wall of cascading water that also saved 1.7 million gallons of runoff.
Stanley Cup Fountain
Times Square, NY
Project Details
Drinking Fountain. The challenge was to create—in three weeks—a fountain within a 21-foot-tall replica of the Stanley Cup Trophy that would dispense drinking water to passersby. Working around the clock, Delta Fountains designed the nozzles, piping and electrical controls that created the unique fountain, allowing Times Square visitors to enjoy the NHL tradition of “drinking from the Stanley Cup.”
Oklahoma City National Memorial
Oklahoma City, Ok
Project Details
Reflecting Memories. To meet the design intent of creating a majestic pool of smoothly flowing shallow water, Delta Fountains engineered cutting-edge features to move the water slowly enough to reflect the images of passersby, while creating custom filtration and continuous-feed systems to balance the water chemistry.
Beekman Plaza
New York, NY
Project Details
Elegant Walkway. The fountains consist of five separate zones of low height nozzles emanating from the pavement in a grid pattern. The zones are separate from each other along the walkway at the main entrance area of the building. The fountain, although not specifically classified as an interactive water feature, incorporates a water treatment system that would comply with the requirements of the NY Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene.
Butzer Design Partnership
Delta Custom Products

We are able to manufacture unique fountain parts not standard to the marketplace. Delta Fountains has dedicated fiberglass and stainless steel production teams with years of experience to ensure your specifications are met.

Our clients include fountains large and small from around the world. This partial list represents clients for whom we have completed major projects including Master Plans and Design Services.
Baltimore, MD
Barnes Museum of Art
Philadelphia, PA
Dallas Arboretum Children's Garden
Dallas, TX
"Delta Fountains is creative, knowledgeable, and resourceful. If you have a water feature project you will not find a better source than Delta Fountains."
- Leigh Ann Speake, Mechanical Contractor
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