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How To Winterize Your Fountain

When winter approaches, many first time fountain owners and maintenance staff aren’t sure what to do with their fountains. Do they shut it off? Can they leave a pond fountain to freeze in the water?

The winterization process for a fountain varies for each type of fountain and individual set up. It’s important to talk to your fountain manufacturer well in advance of the coming cold in order to get the proper instructions for your fountain. However, there are some very general guidelines to help you.

Step 1

Shut off the water upstream of your water makeup assembly. This includes closing all bypass valves on the water makeup assembly, opening the hose bib to evacuate the water, and shutting off water to the backflow preventer and RPZ.

Step 2

Hit the master off button, key switches, and individual touchscreen controls without a master button (depending on which ones your fountain has).

Step 3

Turn controls breaker off.

Step 4

Stop adding chemicals one month prior to your expected winterization. Remove any chemicals or water you have left in your feeder, sand filter, basin, pumps, and pipes.

Step 5

Make sure all your sump pumps in equipment vaults are free of debris.

Step 6

Open and clean strainers thoroughly.

Step 7

Turn off all circuit breakers, except the control and sump pump breakers.

Step 8

Check your system weekly or as necessary after hard rains, snow storms, or large drops in temperature to verify sump pumps and float switches are working properly and are free of obstructions/debris.

That’s it! Seems simple, right?

Please keep in mind these are general steps to take in order to winterize your fountain. If you have a floating pond fountain, there may be some extra things to consider when determining to leave the system in your pond or remove it. It’s important to remember your fountain may freeze and destroy the piping during the winter, if not taken care of properly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, or your fountain manufacturer, in order to find the best method to use.

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