Legacy Park Water Show

Oklahoma's Legacy Park is the state's most elaborate park revitalization projects to date. Open Tube Scuppers, water cannons and RGB LED fountain lights work together to create a mystical show each night.

Delta Fountains Scuppers

The scupper is an architectural accent and fountain focal point. Delta Fountains has more than 20 styles of scuppers, each creating a different look of the water’s flow. Below are the most popular styles of scuppers. Contact us for more information about the scuppers below or for information on designing a custom scupper for your fountain needs.

``V`` Style Scupper
V Style Scuppers Stoneybrook
The “V” Style Scupper is becoming increasingly more popular in outdoor fountain designs. The “V” shape controls water flow from a higher platform, but often has a wider splash zone.This scupper is stainless steel, and can be powder-coated to any color desired.
Pipe Scupper
Bronze Scupper

Pipe Scuppers are a classic choice for any water feature. This style can be modified to come cast-bronze or stainless steel to match the aesthetic desired.

Spill Edge Scupper
Scupper Stainless Steel

Spill Edge Scuppers are designed to control a heavy flow of water smoothly over a rounded weir edge. Generally this style allows for a more controlled splash zone.

Spill-Edge Tube Scupper
Trough Scupper Carrol Creek

The Modified Spill-Edge Tube Scupper is a twist on the smaller tube scupper. This stainless steel nozzle can be powder-coated to any color desired.

Tube Style Scupper
Tube Style Scuppers Delta Fountains

Tube Style Scuppers are a classic architectural fountain nozzle. These nozzles control a smaller stream of water then any of our other styles. Due to their full-enclosure design, these scuppers often have the smallest splash zone then any of our scuppers.

Open Fall Scupper
Open Fall Scupper
Open Fall Scuppers offer a sleek design to your waterfall. These nozzles can be used for scupper purposes and as small waterfalls.
Open Tube Scupper
Open Tube Scupper

The Open Tube Scupper is meant to be embedded in a wall or pillar, with only the open top exposed. This scupper creates an extremely tight and clear flow of water, capable of little to no extra splash from any height.