Floating Pond Fountain Lighting

Johnson Controls wanted to put a emphasis on the lighting used for the pond fountain.

Johnson Controls Floating Fountain Design

Delta Fountains had to replace and redesign the fountain lighting to fit the new floating fountain.

Deterring Ducks From Ponds and Water Features

Delta Fountains had to modify our water cannons to create Water Blasters. The new Blasters disturb the water's surface to deter birds.

Pond Fountain Spray Ring Jets

The fountain is a combination of water jets that spray straight in the air and arch around the spray rings.

Johnson Controls Corporate Headquarters

Milwukee, WI

  • Date2006
  • ClientJohnson Controls, Inc.
  • Categories
  • DesignCYLA Design Associates, Inc.

Johnson Controls has been a global technology and industrial leader since 1885. Their corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, WI is home to a large pond fountain. Delta Fountains renovated the floating fountain and weir display in 2006. The fountain required a fountain system redesign that included six main geyser display features, with multiple discharge points in each feature; a custom stainless steel oval spray ring feature; updated lighting features; and new pod-jet displays. The company also engaged Delta to solve their bird crowding problem that had caused damage to their pond’s filter system and their previous fountain.


Johnson Controls: A Technical Glance At The Fountain

The Weir display feature that sits along one side of the pond operates at a minimum pumping rate of 375 GPM at 35 feet TDH. The Geyser Boil corner display features operate at a minimum pumping rate of 360 GPM at 40 feet TDH. The Center Pod Jet display features operate at a minimum pumping rate of 2112GPM at 62 feet TDH. The Oval Spray Ring display feature operates at a minimum pumping rate of 1755GPM at 45 feet TDH.


Delta Fountains Water Blasters & Fountain Filtration System

Prior to the redesign, Johnson Controls reported having a problem with the local wildlife. Birds were taking over their pond and were wreaking havoc on the pond’s water quality and their previous fountain. Delta Fountains used a two-part method to address these issues.

First, Delta Fountains designed Water Blasters, sometimes facetiously referred to as Duck Butt Blasters, to use regulated compressed air to produce individual short small bursts of water to control the geese population within the pond basin.

Then, Delta provided a filtration system designed to turn over the entire body of water at least twice a day. The filtration system was designed to operate at a minimum combined pumping rate of 1,400 GPM, at 70 feet TDH, and was designed for automatic backwashing into the cistern that in return was used for irrigation purposes. It also incorporated a sophisticated water quality system by injecting ozone, so that no chemicals are necessary in order to comply with the environmentally sensitive bodies of water surrounding the area.


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