Floating Fountain Designs

Floating fountains are a popular water feature choice that can fit into any landscape design. Whether you have a large reservoir or a small pond, adding a fountain can create a more dynamic space and provide many benefits to the overall health of your water source. Browse our most popular floating fountain options below or contact us to learn more about creating a custom water feature for your needs. Be sure to review our FAQ section below, where we answer the most common questions we get about floating fountain design and operation.

Floating Geyser Fountain

Floating Geyser Fountain Design

Geyser Fountains are our most requested floating fountain design. They’re perfect for ponds, lakes and reservoirs. The nozzles are capable of propelling water from a couple feet to up to 30 feet in the air. Learn More…

Floating Spray Ring Fountain

Eaton Headquarters Fountain Delta Fountains

Floating Spray Ring Fountains are one of our most versatile displays. Delta Fountains’ spray rings are custom-manufactured stainless steel. The nozzles vary depending on the desired display effect, but we are able to create vertical, arching and vortex water displays. Learn More…

Geyser Cluster Fountain

Geyser Nozzle Cluster Fountain In Pond

Floating Geyser Cluster Fountains are massive and dynamic. The geysers are capable of propelling water from a couple feet to up to 30 feet in the air while maintaining excellent wind stability. Delta Fountains offers several sizes and grouping designs to accommodate many applications. Learn More…

Vari-Jet Fountain

Two-Tiered Vari-Jet Pond Fountain

Floating Vari-Jet Fountains are highly versatile. Each Vari-Jet float assembly can produce six different display styles. Each display style is accomplished with Delta Fountains’ interchangeable discs. Vari-Jets floats are often paired with waterproof lights to illuminate the display for nighttime enjoyment. Learn More…

Two Tiered Multi-Jet Fountain

Two Tired Multi Jet Fountain

Two-Tired Multi-Jet Fountains are perfect for large bodies of water. Their reach allows this style of feature to cover a lot of surface area, reducing the number of floats needed in even the largest ponds. They’re excellent at reflecting light and are often paired with hidden lights in the base of the floats. Learn More…

Trumpet Jet Fountain

Trumpet Vari-Jet Fountains

Trumpet-Jet Fountains are two-tiered spray features popular in ponds and lakes. The display is a combination of a single, well-defined vertical jet with a continuous 360-degree lower skirt. The jet and skirt have moderate wind stability. The jet can reach heights anywhere from 18- to 40- feet in the air. Learn More…

Pod Jet Fountain

Pod-Jet Floating Fountain

Pod-Jet Fountains produce well-defined, vertical columns of frothy water. The display features are created by a grouping of smooth bore nozzles or aerating foam jet nozzles close together to create the appearance of one column of water from far distances. The columns can reach heights from 20- to 60- feet in the air. Learn More…

Water Cannons & Lights

Legacy Park Norman Oklahoma Water Show |Delta Fountains

Delta Fountains’ water cannons are custom stainless steel and PVC constructed with a high-speed underwater valve. They’re capable of shooting a 2-inch blast of water up to 150 feet in the air. The cannons can be individually animated and, when combined with RGB LED underwater lighting, can create elaborate water shows. Learn More…

Pond Aeration System Diffusers

Delta Fountains’ Pond Aeration Systems are a great solution for large ponds, where a fountain’s ripple may not reach all the banks, and in cases where a floating fountain display is not desired. The aeration system is hidden below the water’s surface and creates a bubble, or boil, on the surface. They are extremely efficient in cutting down algae growth and build up. Learn More…

Water Blasters

A Water Blaster is exactly what its name suggests, in that it uses regulated compressed air to produce individual short small bursts of water that shoot into the air. The blast can shoot water at tall or short heights. Delta can program them to spray at random intervals or to be controlled manually. Learn More…

Want A Custom Floating Fountain Design?

We are a full-service fountain designer and manufacturer. If you’re looking for a custom fountain for your pond or lake, we can help. Our designers can work with you to create a unique fountain or manufacture a custom design you create! Want a more dynamic water feature experience? We can add lights, music and choreographed shows to any design.

Jackie O Reservoir Central Park New York NY

What Are The Benefits Of Floating Fountains?

Too often, ponds and reservoirs are subject to still water, especially in areas with little wind activity and no outlet to larger water sources. When this happens, algae accumulates above and below the water’s surface, causing unsightly buildup. Floating fountains, aeration systems, cannons and blasters all offer some aeration and surface disruption to water sources, but a full floating fountain system can reduce algae levels, break up stratified heat layers, increase oxygen levels and reduce a some of the required aquatic maintenance. These are all vital to the health of water bodies, especially in mosquito-prone areas.

FAQ About Floating Fountains

How big does my pond have to be for a fountain?

The overall size of the body of water doesn’t affect the ability to house a floating fountain, as long as it’s deep enough for a given unit.

How hard is the maintenance for a fountain?

Delta Fountains designs all our fountain equipment with the end-user in mind. We’ve designed a high-quality, gel-coated fiberglass float with Coast Guard approved flotation. We manufacture them in-house, so we’re able to make them as large or small as necessary to fit nozzles,  lighting, wiring, and floatation equipment far enough apart to allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Do I need to remove the whole float to adjust or work on one part?

No! Our floats are designed to be adjustable on-site or in the water without disassembling the entire fountain.

How expensive are floating fountains to operate?

It may not be as expensive as you’d think! If you properly maintain your body of water, powering and maintaining a floating fountain system is a lot less expensive than it used to be. At Delta Fountains, we have designed our floating fountains to be more cost efficient to operate and to use lower horsepower motors. Ask us how!

I live in a windy area. Can I have a nice looking jet or will the turbulent water knock my spray and float around?

How windy are we talking? Our floats are designed to automatically adjust themselves with changing water levels and wave patterns, which allows them to maintain the desired display pattern. As for the spray, we have several nozzle choices with sprays able to withstand high wind patterns. Ask us which display types are better for windy areas.

We get hard freezes during the winter. What will happen to my fountain?

If you do not remove your float before a hard freeze, you can expect serious, if not complete, damange to your plumbing, float, nozzle and lighting. Lucky for you, even though we’re based in the South we’ve designed our floating fountains to be removable or sinkable (below the freeze line). Many of our floating fountains are located in regions where hard freezes happened every winter. Just let your fountain designer know up front that you need to be able to remove or sink your float in the winter.

How custom can I make the fountain design?

If you’re interested in a custom floating fountain design from Delta Fountains, you can customize just about anything. We can offer a variety of choices of lights,  spray patterns, nozzle color and material,  display heights, light colors, music choices, show times, and even the color of the float’s gel coat. When we say we make custom floating fountains – we mean it.

Still Have Questions?